How not to write.

Again and again I see writer’s guides or tips on writing and a lot of them seem to give the same advice. They tell you what NOT to do. “This word is overused, don’t use it.” “This style is boring, don’t write that way” etc, they give you more road blocks to dodge in a…


An old black and white I did of a fantasy dwarf warrior. I wish I had dated it so I could tell you when I did it, but I’m the kind of artist that just sketches and doodles endlessly and never remembers to make note of when I do so.

Elf Lass

I thought I’d post something with a little green in it for St. Patrick’s Day. Not anything particular, just a sketch of an elf lass with green hair that I did back in 2006. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Celtic Warrior Woman character study

Just a sketch of a Celtic warrior woman I did as a sort of face study. She is actually a character from one of my stories that ended up being put on the backburner, and has remained there for a long while now.

An artist’s condition

It’s an odd condition, the condition of the artist. Most are recluses (myself included) and do their best to avoid contact with the world as much as is achievable. However, the whole idea of art is to communicate a feeling or message, a message from someone who avoids communication altogether, and more often than not…

Cafe girl 3

Here’s another Café Girl. I quite like the shape and style of the hat on this one.

Dragon & Wizard

Here is the full picture of the dragon sketch, where you can now see his wizard travel companion. She was really just put in there for a size comparison but I tried to give her her own little personality. You can kind of see her holding her head up high, as I imagined she would…