Exotic Blue Wizard

July 6, 2013

2011. Blue Wizard

The final piece in my Red, White and Blue series is this Blue Wizard. I think the inspiration for this one mostly came from the idea of a young woman with scrolling blue tattoos across her face, back and one arm. Maybe they are part of how she casts her spells, I’m not quite sure, but they definitely seem to give her a look of commanding independence, though at the same time she still maintains a graceful purity.

I wanted to end my set of artwork with fireworks, and in a way I think her staff does the trick, or at least makes a nice little substitute.

Hope everyone had a fun holiday!


Noble White Unicorn

July 5, 2013

Noble White Unicorn

For my white piece of art in the Red, White and Blue series, I thought this little white unicorn sketch would fit nicely.

The original pencil sketch is actually only just over three inches on paper, and was only a sketchy little doodle I did for fun, but I overall liked the way it turned out, especially with the sort of watercolor look to its colorization. I wish I knew exactly when I did this one, but all I can tell you is that it was a long while back.

Have a splendid 4th of July weekend!

Red Dragon & Wizard

July 4, 2013

2006. Red Dragon & Wizard

Happy July 4th everyone!

Well, I’ve sadly been neglecting my site for the last while, so I decided to post a set of three pictures to sort of catch up a little. All of them will be fantasy sketches I did in my free time, but to celebrate July 4th they will be in the theme of Red, White and Blue, starting with red, as you can see.

You’ll probably recognize this little duo from the black and white pencils I already posted of them (and if you don’t, then go and look at them, I have some nice close ups where you can see all the lovely little details) but here they are at last in rich full color.

The dragon looks like he takes great pride in the glossy, flawless color of his hide, and I’m sure he was quite aggravated when he obtained such large gashes across his face and neck. Whoever was responsible, no doubt paid dearly for that little upset.