A step by step art process of Oceana, A Pudgy Princess.

This is the first time I’ve taken the time to study my own art process so I hope you find this art analysis helpful. It’s not an in depth study, just a breakdown of the steps it took to complete each image.

 The cover art for Oceana was actually taken from the very first picture I ever sketched of her.

 Oceana’s look changes dramatically after she is inked; all that was really used from the original sketch was her pose.

 After inking, the basic colors are blocked in, giving a slight inkling as to what the final product will eventually look like.

 The shading is then added, making the previously flat colors really come to life.

 Though not as dramatic a change as some of the past steps, the highlights add a lot to the mood and texture of the picture, and now we really get to see the picture take shape.

 However, the lighting effects, the final step in the process, are often what really brings out the colors and sets the mood of every picture.


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