Payment and Restrictions

PRIVACY POLICY: All client information gathered is used only to provide the product requested, and will not be sold or distributed to third parties.

PAYMENT: PayPal is the only payment method accepted at this time. Design of the requested book cover will commence once payment has been received.

Should the client no longer wish to continue with the sale for any reason, the original cover template will be offered once again for sale. Due to the nature of the product, once the copyright symbol has been removed, and the finished design is received via email; refunds will not be authorized.

COVER GALLERY: We reserve the right to feature cover designs we have produced in our galleries and on social media websites for promotional purposes.

SITE USAGE: Unauthorized use or reproduction of this material is prohibited.

IMAGE USAGE: Each cover is licensed for use on a single publication. By purchasing a cover, the client agrees that only one version of the cover will be uploaded once complete. Any reproductions of a cover purchased from us using the same design for further novels in a series is strictly prohibited.

COVER RESTRICTIONS: Any use of purchased covers on fictional or nonfictional works featuring explicit or gratuitous sex, or explicit, gratuitous or glorified: rape, pedophilia, bestiality, or sadistic violence, is prohibited.