Merona Grant


My current work-in-progress, Merona Grant, is a treasure-hunting adventure novel. At present, this is the closest I’ve got to a blurb for it.


Merona Grant Cover Reveal 2.0  Merona Grant, Cover art, Sneak Peek  Merona1  Merona2  Merona,Art1  The Team


The Housewife Detective

Amelia Humble had a secret.

She knew perfectly well that the criminal mind was something that proper ‘40s housewives, such as herself, just didn’t go poking about in. The trouble was she simply couldn’t resist. While the other ladies would sip their tea, nibble their biscuits, and gossip about scandalous trivialities in town; Amelia’s mind would drift to murder, mayhem, and mystery.

Her unsuitable interests were splendidly concealed by her husband Charles, who had the occupation of private detective, and a reputation for being one of the finest investigative minds in all England. Mind you, he hadn’t always carried such distinction, having little reputation for any particular shrewdness in his bachelor days; but it could not be denied that marriage had been the making of Charles Humble.


The Pale Rose: Chapter 1, “Following the Fireworks”

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This portion of our page is dedicated to all things Oceana. From concept art, to the final full color pages which appear in the book.



Oceana, Art Analysis.


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