Welcome to my Art Gallery! I have everything from my professional work, to spare-time doodles.



To start off, here’s a selection of art from my own writing projects, some published, and others still pending.


Merona Grant Cover Reveal 2.0  Merona Grant, Cover art, Sneak Peek  Merona1  Merona2  Merona,Art1  The Team    Ch1TH  Ch22TH  oceana TH

Next is my professional artwork. I mainly specialize in customized book cover art and design.

  heroes-TH  MSatCotDD-TH              musician-TH    The Widow’s Son, book cover



This is my Sketchbook, where I keep the random, fun stuff. From full color, to black and white pencil sketches.

        Valentine’s-Day TH  2006. Red Dragon & Wizard          DwarfProfileSketch  TwoDwarfSketches  ScarredDwarf  KemptDwarf   DwarfKing  StandingDwarfWarrior  DwarfLassOnBattlements  The-Battle-for-Christmas TH  1, Phoenix of the Ash  2, Turtle Drakes Collide  3, Facing the Cockatrice  4, Calling Forth the Birds  5, Golden Rings of Power  6, The Griffin’s Nest  7, Swan Lady on the Waters  8, Maiden and the Minotaur  9, Dance of the Little Ladies  10, The Lords do Battle  11, A Piper’s Song of Healing  12, Drums of War  Super-Cartoon TH  Easter-Kitten TH               2013-Celt-TH  2011. Blue Wizard  Noble White Unicorn  2012. Centaur and Elf      Shattered Window  2010 Pirate & Snake


2 Responses to “Art Gallery”

  1. EBotziou said

    Fantastic work! I’m currently in the process of writing a semi-autobiographical book and am considering my options for front covers. Would be great to possibly work with you!

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