A Mystery Cafe Girl

I’ve been writing like mad for the last little while and have just about finished my first novella. So exciting! Anyway, I thought I would post a little something, as a sort of teaser, if you will, that related to my book in a way. The cover art (which is just about finished as well)…

Cafe girl 3

Here’s another Café Girl. I quite like the shape and style of the hat on this one.

Cafe girl 2

Another B&W from my Café Girl collection. She’s one of my favorites, I’m quite happy with how her hands and the shadows on her face turned out.

Cafe girl 1

This is one in a series of B&W graphic art, designed for T-shirts. I call them my “Café Girls” I guess because they look like they might be enjoying an afternoon at a café in Paris, or perhaps just taking in the sights.