Turtle Drakes Collide

It’s day two of my Epic Fantasy Twelve Days of Christmas, and for my second piece I decided to represent Two Turtle Doves with much more epic Turtle Drakes. These two are not the lovey-dovey pair you think of when you think of Turtle Doves, in fact, they are trying to kill each other. I…

Red Dragon & Wizard

Happy July 4th everyone! Well, I’ve sadly been neglecting my site for the last while, so I decided to post a set of three pictures to sort of catch up a little. All of them will be fantasy sketches I did in my free time, but to celebrate July 4th they will be in the…


Here is a close up of the wizard from the 2006 Dragon & Wizard sketch. I like some of her design and facial expression, even if she’s not very detailed. But what can you expect? She was, after all, under an inch and a half on paper.

Dragon & Wizard

Here is the full picture of the dragon sketch, where you can now see his wizard travel companion. She was really just put in there for a size comparison but I tried to give her her own little personality. You can kind of see her holding her head up high, as I imagined she would…

Dragon Head

This one’s not for anything particular, just a B&W pencil sketch of a design for a dragon I did some time back in 2006.