Page 15

Oceana looking lovingly at her potential husband. Isn’t he gorgeous? Okay, seriously, he’s a little creepy. I’ll let you decide if she actually marries him.

Page 12

Here, Oceana is painting a portrait of Prince Richmond. Art is another one of her many talents. This is one of my favorite backdrops, as well as some of my favorite lighting and I really liked the depth and colors in this image as well.

Page 6

Here is a sample page from my children’s book “Oceana, A Pudgy Princess” In the book, Oceana is quite good at archery and this skill plays an important role at the end of the story.

Oceana, A Pudgy Princess

There once lived a princess who was somewhat more rounded than was typically considered to be desirable. I am sorry to say that in this superficial world of ours there are some individuals who, upon reading those few words, would see no reason to continue any further. I sincerely hope, however, that you are not…