11, A Piper’s Song of Healing

For the penultimate entry in the Epic Fantasy Twelve Days of Christmas, I could think of nothing better for “Eleven Pipers Piping” than a musician acting as a magician and using her song to heal the wounds of a fallen soldier on a dark and dingy battlefield. We can only see one piper here, but I imagine there are several more (say, maybe ten more?) scattered across the field, healing the wounded with their songs. I’m also particularly pleased with the wear and tear evident on the soldier’s clothes and face.


Golden Rings of Power

December 29, 2013

5, Golden Rings of Power

It’s day five, and “Five Golden Rings” seemed suitable for only one thing; being infused with magic and fitted to a gauntlet of immense power. This skilled caster’s already impressive powers are significantly amplified by the use of the five rings, and one can only hope that he will use his new-found capabilities for good alone. Though, by the looks of things, it seems a little like the power is starting to go to his head already, but maybe he only looks evil.

Calling Forth the Birds

December 28, 2013

4, Calling Forth the Birds

Well, it’s day four, and I needed “Four Calling Birds” so I thought the simplest solution was to have a lady spell-caster summon them. I’m not sure why I thought to have her summoning the birds from her dress, but it somehow seems to work. That little green glow by her face is the gem of her necklace, which, like everything else, seems to be losing a little of its hold on gravity during the casting of the spell.

The image is actually much larger, and has a lot of little details that aren’t really clear at this size, so I’ll have to post a close up of it later on. This one has honestly got to be my favorite of what I’ve posted so far, and I have to admit, I got a little carried away with adding all the little details. I’ll have to rein myself in better from now on if I’m to keep up with my deadline.