Snowy Nativity Sculpture

December 24, 2015

For the past couple of years I’ve wanted to do a snow sculpture. I played with one, once in the past, and it turned out surprisingly well for a first effort, so from that time forward I’ve thought it would be fun to do a Nativity for the Christmas season. Over the years, things got in the way; not enough snow, not enough time, not enough energy. Whatever the reason, it took me until now to finally get to it, and I’m very happy I did.

Nativity Snow Sculpt 1  Nativity Snow Sculpt 2

Being my second ever snow sculpt, I didn’t exactly have any fancy tools to make it with, so I ended up using nothing more than a rock and a stick to carve out the details.

Nativity Snow Sculpt 3  Nativity Snow Sculpt 4

It was small, and didn’t end up as detailed as I wanted it, but sitting out in the cold, freezing my fingers while humming Christmas carols to myself, was so surprisingly fun, that I think I just might have do it again next year.

Nativity Snow Sculpt 7

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!


Drums of War

January 5, 2014

12, Drums of War

It’s day twelve, and my Epic Fantasy Twelve Days of Christmas has at last come to its end. And what better way to finish off my series of epic fantasy art, than with the most epic of all fantasy beings, the noble dwarf? For the “Twelve Drummers Drumming” we have a battle-worn drummer, preparing to rally his fellow soldiers for one final charge against their enemy.

If you have looked over my site at all, you probably know that I rather enjoy drawing my little dwarfish pals. It’s something about their gnarly, crunched up faces, stout and sturdy figures, and gargantuan, braided beards that just puts a smile on my face. So, naturally, I had to include at least one in my twelve days of fantasy art.

I hope everyone enjoyed seeing what the fantasy equivalent to each gift would turn out to be each day, and that they weren’t too abstract a parallel to the originals. I’ll be honest here, I really didn’t give them too much thought, and tried to go with my instincts on what they should all be, as I drew them all in a bit of a rush.

Though I hit the drawing board rather hard each day, to reach my deadline on time, I actually had quite a bit of fun seeing what I came up with for each of the twelve gifts. Some turned out surprisingly close, while others only just matched up, but all in all, it was a fun exercise in hasty creativity and imagination, and I’m rather pleased with how they all turned out in the end.

For those of you who stumbled on this late, here is a list of my eleven other pieces of art in reverse order. Enjoy!

A Piper’s Song of Healing

The Lords do Battle

Dance of the Little Ladies

Maiden and the Minotaur

Swan Lady on the Waters

The Griffin’s Nest

Golden Rings of Power

Calling Forth the Birds

Facing the Cockatrice

Turtle Drakes Collide

Phoenix of the Ash

And, if you enjoyed this, you’ll probably want to take a quick look at last year’s Christmas post.

Maiden and the Minotaur

January 1, 2014

8, Maiden and the Minotaur

Happy New Year!

As I’ve been creating these pieces of art, I’ve mostly been going with my first instincts for what each fantasy equivalents could be for each of the twelve gifts. Some concepts came easier than others, but with “Eight Maids-a-Milking” I don’t think I had any other ideas except this one. I mean, of course it should be a blood-stained warrior maiden with a pair of bearded axes battling a towering Minotaur. What else is there? If I had had a little more time to get all these ready, I probably would have done a full-on army battle, but as it is, I think it turned out rather nicely with just the one-on-one conflict.

I hope everyone had a great year, and is looking forward to new opportunities for the year ahead.

Turtle Drakes Collide

December 26, 2013

It’s day two of my Epic Fantasy Twelve Days of Christmas, and for my second piece I decided to represent Two Turtle Doves with much more epic Turtle Drakes. These two are not the lovey-dovey pair you think of when you think of Turtle Doves, in fact, they are trying to kill each other.

2, Turtle Drakes Collide

I based my drakes design on snap turtles, in particular, alligator snap turtles, and did my best to make their wings look as though they can fold them up, interlocking their scales, and use them as a shield/shell for protection, as well as spread them out and fly. Probably a completely impractical design, but it’s fantasy, and I’m doing this all in a bit of a rush, so don’t be too harsh on me.

Phoenix of the Ash

December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a grand Christmas Day.

Now, in celebration of Christmas I wanted to do something special, so I thought I would attempt to do epic fantasy styled art, themed after The Twelve Days of Christmas. Mostly because when I randomly sketch something, it usually turns into something fantasy related. It’s a genre that leaves lots of room to be creative, which I like. So, for the Twelve Days of Christmas I will be posting one picture each day of an epic fantasy interpretation of each of the twelve gifts.

1, Phoenix of the Ash

For my first piece of art, to represent “A Partridge in a Pear Tree” I chose to depict A Phoenix in an Ash Tree. This particular Phoenix is rising from its former ashes, and starting life anew in a snow-dusted ash tree, as the snow melts around it from the heat of the short-lived flames moments before. It’s a somewhat impressionistic style, but since I only started working on all this art a little over a week ago, I can’t promise too much detail on any of them. I still have a big bundle of art left to finish up.

So, farewell for now, and Merry Christmas once again, it’s back to the drawing board for me.