An artist’s condition

It’s an odd condition, the condition of the artist.

Most are recluses (myself included) and do their best to avoid contact with the world as much as is achievable. However, the whole idea of art is to communicate a feeling or message, a message from someone who avoids communication altogether, and more often than not the message conveyed is one of genuine significance to the artist. So it makes me think that artists aren’t recluses at all, they exhibit who they are more in one paragraph or painting than most people of the world do in a dozen trivial conversations.

Artists want to show who they are, why would they write or paint for the world if they didn’t? But they want to find the right way of saying it, they don’t want to be misconstrued as something they’re not. I think what it really is, is the artist has something to say and, whatever it is, cannot be said in passing or as an offhand remark, because whatever it is holds so much meaning to the artist that they feel it deserves a canvas or a page to call its own.

But that’s just a patient’s take on her own condition.

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  1. mommyannie says:

    Hi. I’m trying to learn blogging, too. And I suspect I’m MUCH older than you are, which means, I think, that my brain may not be as flexible as yours. You sound very creative (I have a very creative 19 year old granddaughter at Roanoke College, Virginia, who is majoring in art), and after reading your comments I’m hoping you’re the one who’ll be designing the cover of my book, In the Mirror (?) . . .

    My brain-injured daughter Jen (Rachel in the novel) was left-handed before the accident, and that’s the arm she got back. She’s also very witty and creative (she was before the accident too). One of her favorite quips (besides any and all green-quips) is: Only left-handed people are in their right mind. Are you left-handed?

    I like your “scribblings” (above). If you are “my” cover artist, I’ll be excited to see what you imagine . . .

    1. Hi,
      I read a little about your story on your blog and I would be very eager to work on its cover, but as nothing is official yet, I can’t say whether or not I will have that privilege.
      I’m not left-handed, so I guess I’m not in my right mind =). Though, I came to that conclusion about myself a long time ago. Just kidding, though not entirely.
      Thank you immensely for your comment; I look forward to reading your book when it comes out.

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