Facing the Cockatrice

3, Facing the Cockatrice

For the “Three French Hens” on the third day of my Epic Fantasy Twelve Days of Christmas, I’ve done a lone warrior facing off with a cockatrice. You know, those dragon/bird type things that turn you to stone if you look at them. A cockatrice seemed like the closest fantasy equivalent to a hen that I could come up with, and seemed like the best option for my fantasy picture.

I know, there aren’t three of them like there should be, but I’m just going to make it clear right now that I have no intention of always incorporating the numbers of each day in my pictures. Do you know how cluttered it would get if I did? And besides, based on his visible battle wound, and the blood on his sword, I’m going to say that this skilled warrior has already killed two of the three cockatrices, and is about to face off with his final foe.

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