About Brina

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Hi, I’m Brina, a mad scribbler of art and fiction. I spend my days hunched over a keyboard or drawing table, developing my skills and habitual bad posture.

My stories always seem to end up finding their way to a 1920s – 1940s setting or theme, and so I’ve happily embraced the vintage genre, primarily writing cozy mysteries and pulp adventures!

My not-as-loyal-as-in-fiction dog likes to find awkward and cramped places near my feet to nap whenever I’m working, but also enjoys fetch, walks, and discovering new ways to give me mini heart attacks whenever the doorbell rings.

You’ll find my books on Amazion.com and GoodReads

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And my art print shop at Bedbubble.com

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Or you can follow me on social media!

Twitter: @BrinaWilliamson

Instagram: @brina_williamson

8 Comments Add yours

  1. There is a person calling herself ErideamWolf on DeviantART who is taking credit for one of your drawings. Very not cool.

    1. Thank you for telling me about this, I’ve already started looking into it. And I agree, it is very not cool.

  2. Piscis says:

    Found you through Scott Southard…lovely work!

    1. Awesome! Thanks so much.

  3. Hi …your reaper with crows is super. My new novels & the ones coming later are based on a Murder of One … Ten for the Devil is my first novel. What are your rates for covers?

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I would be happy to send you a quote if you could give me an email address to contact you through. Thanks.

  4. I love your art work! Is it okay if someone were to use your picture of “elf lass” on an rp site if proper credit is given to you and a link back to your site? Thanks!

    1. Well, thank you! I’m glad you like my work.
      If, as you say, a link to my site and credit was given, as well as the image being in no way used for commercial gain or in an objectionable way, then I wouldn’t be opposed to its being used, provided I’m given a link to the RP site in question.

      Thank you for taking the time to request my permission.

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