Celtic Warrior Woman character study

Just a sketch of a Celtic warrior woman I did as a sort of face study. She is actually a character from one of my stories that ended up being put on the backburner, and has remained there for a long while now.

Cafe girl 3

Here’s another Café Girl. I quite like the shape and style of the hat on this one.

Dragon & Wizard

Here is the full picture of the dragon sketch, where you can now see his wizard travel companion. She was really just put in there for a size comparison but I tried to give her her own little personality. You can kind of see her holding her head up high, as I imagined she would…

Cafe girl 2

Another B&W from my Café Girl collection. She’s one of my favorites, I’m quite happy with how her hands and the shadows on her face turned out.

Dragon Head

This one’s not for anything particular, just a B&W pencil sketch of a design for a dragon I did some time back in 2006.

Cafe girl 1

This is one in a series of B&W graphic art, designed for T-shirts. I call them my “Café Girls” I guess because they look like they might be enjoying an afternoon at a café in Paris, or perhaps just taking in the sights.