The Musician Cover

This is the cover art for Kerri Bennett Williamson’s 8th novel, which is available in paperback and on kindle at Amazon. I chose to keep the cover entirely black and white, not only to represent the black and white keys on a piano (which is captured in the Tudor style of the house) but also…

Happy Robert Burns Day

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Robbie Burns Day! I recently did a sketch of a striking Celtic wild woman as inspiration for a short story, and thought I would share it today. Also, it seemed like the best way to make my extremely simple post a little more interesting.

Dwarf a Day: Two Dwarf Sketches

For day two in my Dwarf a Day week leading up to the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, I thought I might as well post two little sketches in one picture. That doesn’t mean I’m going to do three for day three or anything like that though, this is likely where the synchronization…

A Mystery Cafe Girl

I’ve been writing like mad for the last little while and have just about finished my first novella. So exciting! Anyway, I thought I would post a little something, as a sort of teaser, if you will, that related to my book in a way. The cover art (which is just about finished as well)…

Elf Face Study

Here is the black and white pencil of the elf face study. I believe I did it sometime in 2004 or 2005, but I can’t be sure. It ended up not really looking much like the photo reference used, but I was referencing the lighting on the face more than anything.


Here is a close up of the wizard from the 2006 Dragon & Wizard sketch. I like some of her design and facial expression, even if she’s not very detailed. But what can you expect? She was, after all, under an inch and a half on paper.

Tiger mother – black and white

This is the mother tiger at its black and white stage. I was just using pencil and smudging here and there with my finger for this one. I’m so unprofessional sometimes.

Celtic Warrior Woman character study

Just a sketch of a Celtic warrior woman I did as a sort of face study. She is actually a character from one of my stories that ended up being put on the backburner, and has remained there for a long while now.

Cafe girl 3

Here’s another Café Girl. I quite like the shape and style of the hat on this one.

Dragon & Wizard

Here is the full picture of the dragon sketch, where you can now see his wizard travel companion. She was really just put in there for a size comparison but I tried to give her her own little personality. You can kind of see her holding her head up high, as I imagined she would…