18th century rider

When I think of the 4th of July, I think of tri-corner hats, tall leather boots, lace callers, and long blue coats. So I thought I’d post this concept sketch for a comic book/graphic novel that I’m working on, which is set in this historic era. It’s only a b&w, but I thought it had…

Page 12

Here, Oceana is painting a portrait of Prince Richmond. Art is another one of her many talents. This is one of my favorite backdrops, as well as some of my favorite lighting and I really liked the depth and colors in this image as well.

Page 6

Here is a sample page from my children’s book “Oceana, A Pudgy Princess” In the book, Oceana is quite good at archery and this skill plays an important role at the end of the story.

Oceana, A Pudgy Princess

There once lived a princess who was somewhat more rounded than was typically considered to be desirable. I am sorry to say that in this superficial world of ours there are some individuals who, upon reading those few words, would see no reason to continue any further. I sincerely hope, however, that you are not…

Elf Face Study, color

A face study I did from a photo reference. I think it was something about the braid in her hair that made me end up turning her into an elf. Photoshop was used to colorize it.

Tiger mother

This one was a pencil sketch that I colored using Photoshop. Most of the shading was done with pencil, and then I strengthened the shadows and added highlights on the computer.

Cafe girl 3

Here’s another Café Girl. I quite like the shape and style of the hat on this one.