Cover Art Sneak Peek

March 15, 2016

The cover art for my upcoming adventure novel has sat, mere brush strokes away from completion, for the majority of my writing process. It’s been displayed as my wallpaper, inspiring my prose as I’ve gone along, and now, at last, I’ve decided to share just one aspect of it with the world. A sneak peek, if you will, of my cover reveal to come.


This image of my heroine, Merona Grant, has sat to the side of my writing sessions for some time, and what still surprises me about it, is the way it continues to reveal new aspects of her character each time I look at it. It no longer feels like a mere representation of her for me, but rather, a direct insight into her character, and her spirit.


Shattered Window

October 31, 2013

Shattered Window

I was looking through my old art for something that would fit in a post for Halloween, and found this little sketch. It was done on the computer years ago, though I couldn’t say when, and is really a very small picture. This is literally the biggest it gets.

The story behind it is actually kind of funny, because it came into my head from misseeing what a thumbnail image actually was. The image I glimpsed the thumbnail of was nothing like this, it was a kneeling man, with a cityscape behind him, but from the light and shadows it looked to me like a woman in a long tattered dress, standing in front of a broken window.

This actually happens a lot with me. I’ll see a small picture and think it’s something else, and sometimes the image I see in my head is a lot nicer than the real image I was looking at, so I end up doing a little doodle like this one to capture what I saw, before I can’t see it any longer.

It’s like glimpsing a ghost image or something, and trying to catch it before it vanishes into the ether. Hmmm, that sort of makes it even more Halloweenish.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Happy Easter Kitten!

March 31, 2013

2007. Easter Kitten

I did this portrait back in 2007 of a kitten I once owned years before. He was probably only a few weeks old here and I thought his little wide eyed face would make a lovely little Easter post.

Have a bright and cheerful Easter day!


Here is the book cover art that I did for “Heroes of the Fallen” a novel by David J. West, which it available in hardcover and on kindle at Amazon.

Silhouettes are easier in a way than full color art, but can be much more restricting, as they have to be done just right to pack any sort of a visual punch.

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day

I found this old piece of art I did from years back that I thought would make a nice little Valentine’s Day post. It is done in a style I was playing with a lot in those days, and it seemed to have a touch of luxury and romance to it that I thought would suit this particular holiday.

I wanted to post another piece of art from my mystery novella The Pale Rose, and thought I would include the character descriptions featured at the start of the book. Incidentally, this illustration is for the last chapter, and features the lead detectives, Charles & Amelia Humble.

Ch22, In Conclusion

Cast of Characters

Amelia Humble: A devoted wife and mother with a scandalous proficiency for probing the criminal psyche; though no one would know it to look at her.

Charles E. Humble: He would have gladly admitted to his wife’s marked hand in shaping his career, had she not forbidden him from doing any such thing.

Montgomery Townsend: Unwavering in his devotion to the woman he loves; hiring a private detective was only the first step in his endeavor to find his wife.

Josephine Townsend: An effervescent woman with expensive taste and a love for things of beauty.

Gregory Richards: A close friend of Mr. Townsend, he appeared to care little for much of anything, least of all his tiresome wife.

Victoria Richards: A woman very practiced at forgetting unpleasant things, and speaking only of pleasant ones.

Rufus Barrymore: Born to money, he had little need to think, which was fortunate for him, as he had little ability to do so with any degree of success.

Oscar Barrymore: Life’s wicked jokes had hindered any grand plans for his future, souring both his perspective and mood.

Patricia Bartlett: A dear friend of the missing woman, her appearance was as agreeable as her manner was helpful.

Mrs. Attwood: She was unable to attend the party on the evening of the tragedy, though this hardly meant she could add nothing to the investigation.

Forbes: He maintained an appearance of rigid strictness, but inwardly seemed to hide something more.

Matilda Oliver: A young maid who kept to her work, and tried her best to stay out of trouble; though trouble had a way of finding her.

Miss Kippering: The highly suspicious cook, her unpleasant nature made it no wonder at all that she never married.

Vincent Welling: Mr. Townsend’s bungling assistant, who still held his employment to the great marvel of all who met him.

Inspector Cole: The inspector in charge of the case, his disproportionate arrogance seemed to be the beginning and end of his character.

A Mystery Cafe Girl

December 1, 2011

I’ve been writing like mad for the last little while and have just about finished my first novella. So exciting! Anyway, I thought I would post a little something, as a sort of teaser, if you will, that related to my book in a way. The cover art (which is just about finished as well) is in a similar style to this picture and that rose on my café girl’s hat has more to do with the story than you might think. Other than that, I’m going to leave the rest of it a mystery (hint, hint) until closer to publication.

Grim Reaper

October 31, 2010

I thought I’d post something for Halloween, and this Grim Reaper seemed to fit the spirit of the season.

The shape of the scythe came into my head from seeing a random pattern on a wall. So I drew the scythe and attached a wielder to it, along with a murder of crows. And a noose for some reason.

Happy Halloween.

18th century rider

July 4, 2010

When I think of the 4th of July, I think of tri-corner hats, tall leather boots, lace callers, and long blue coats. So I thought I’d post this concept sketch for a comic book/graphic novel that I’m working on, which is set in this historic era. It’s only a b&w, but I thought it had a nice mood to it, even without color.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Page 12

June 21, 2010

Here, Oceana is painting a portrait of Prince Richmond. Art is another one of her many talents. This is one of my favorite backdrops, as well as some of my favorite lighting and I really liked the depth and colors in this image as well.