11, A Piper’s Song of Healing

For the penultimate entry in the Epic Fantasy Twelve Days of Christmas, I could think of nothing better for “Eleven Pipers Piping” than a musician acting as a magician and using her song to heal the wounds of a fallen soldier on a dark and dingy battlefield. We can only see one piper here, but I imagine there are several more (say, maybe ten more?) scattered across the field, healing the wounded with their songs. I’m also particularly pleased with the wear and tear evident on the soldier’s clothes and face.


Centaur and Elf

August 13, 2013

2012. Centaur and Elf

I did this picture back in 2012, and just never got around to scanning or posting it. I chose today to post this because today is Lefthanders Day, and my archer just so happens to be left-handed. I didn’t intentionally do that to be honest, it was entirely composition related, but it would be rather boring if everyone was right-handed in every casual sketch simply because right-handed people are more common, don’t you think?

For another left-handed archer, take a look at my sister’s Lefthanders Day post.

I sort of got the idea for this after a friend pointed me to this site, where the focus is all on women in battle-hardy armor. After giving the site a look, which I highly recommend, I just got the urge to draw a couple of capable female fighters working side-by-side to bring down the enemy. Not exactly what the site is all about, since they’re not especially decked out in heavy armor, but it was still a fun little exercise.

I thought that a Centaur with an archer in a chariot to cover the rear would be a fun combination, and though it might be a little cumbersome for the Centaur, I thought the chariot, rather than a rider on her back, helped allow for more freedom of movement with her arms and still gave her the advantage of an archer watching her back.

Someday I hope to complete it in full color and add some of the little details I never got around to incorporating in the sketch. Enjoy!

Elf Face Study

May 12, 2010

Here is the black and white pencil of the elf face study. I believe I did it sometime in 2004 or 2005, but I can’t be sure. It ended up not really looking much like the photo reference used, but I was referencing the lighting on the face more than anything.

A face study I did from a photo reference. I think it was something about the braid in her hair that made me end up turning her into an elf. Photoshop was used to colorize it.

Elf Lass

March 17, 2010

I thought I’d post something with a little green in it for St. Patrick’s Day. Not anything particular, just a sketch of an elf lass with green hair that I did back in 2006.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!