A Piper’s Song of Healing

For the penultimate entry in the Epic Fantasy Twelve Days of Christmas, I could think of nothing better for “Eleven Pipers Piping” than a musician acting as a magician and using her song to heal the wounds of a fallen soldier on a dark and dingy battlefield. We can only see one piper here, but…

Centaur and Elf

I did this picture back in 2012, and just never got around to scanning or posting it. I chose today to post this because today is Lefthanders Day, and my archer just so happens to be left-handed. I didn’t intentionally do that to be honest, it was entirely composition related, but it would be rather…

Elf Face Study

Here is the black and white pencil of the elf face study. I believe I did it sometime in 2004 or 2005, but I can’t be sure. It ended up not really looking much like the photo reference used, but I was referencing the lighting on the face more than anything.

Elf Face Study, color

A face study I did from a photo reference. I think it was something about the braid in her hair that made me end up turning her into an elf. Photoshop was used to colorize it.