Centaur and Elf

2012 Centaur and Elf

I did this picture back in 2012, and just never got around to scanning or posting it. I chose today to post this because today is Lefthanders Day, and my archer just so happens to be left-handed. I didn’t intentionally do that to be honest, it was entirely composition related, but it would be rather boring if everyone was right-handed in every casual sketch simply because right-handed people are more common, don’t you think?

For another left-handed archer, take a look at my sister’s Lefthanders Day post.

I sort of got the idea for this after a friend pointed me to this site, where the focus is all on women in battle-hardy armor. After giving the site a look, which I highly recommend, I just got the urge to draw a couple of capable female fighters working side-by-side to bring down the enemy. Not exactly what the site is all about, since they’re not especially decked out in heavy armor, but it was still a fun little exercise.

I thought that a Centaur with an archer in a chariot to cover the rear would be a fun combination, and though it might be a little cumbersome for the Centaur, I thought the chariot, rather than a rider on her back, helped allow for more freedom of movement with her arms and still gave her the advantage of an archer watching her back.

Someday I hope to complete it in full color and add some of the little details I never got around to incorporating in the sketch. Enjoy!

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